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Law of Attraction Timer | Brand New Ideas

Law of Attraction Timer

Law of Attraction Timer

Welcome to the support page for The Law of Attraction Timer. Let us know if you have any issues and please let us know about about the succeses you have had too. And if you liked it a lot please give it five stars “LOA Timer in Itunes
“Law of Attraction Timer for Ipad in Itunes store”
You may also want to visit us on The Law of Attraction Timer Facebook Page.


  1. Great app , look forward to more good stuff . I did notice a few simple grammar errors you might want to fix in the instructions.

    Thought was spelled with an extra o once and I think her name is Esther instead of ester and there where a few times it should of been “their” instead of “there”.

    That’s all I can remember at this moment and even though it doesn’t affect how good the app is I figured I’d make you aware.

    Thanks and I look forward to an iPad version or any other updates

    • Thanks for the spelling Gramer check I think I got all that fixed except the m Miss spelling of Esther’s name on the update unfortunately it takes Apple up to two weeks to approve updates so I’m still waiting for the approval to fix those errors. And I am presently working on an iPad version which will be pretty much the same just some higher resolution graphics.

    • It really helps you focus. And is easy to use on my kindle. Thank for sharing it with us. Kay

  2. The blog is cool

  3. Just downloaded the loa timer for iPad and absulotely love it. You don’t have to keep an eye on the time and can just focus on all the great joyful things instead. Thanks!

    • Glad you like it if you get a chance it would be great if you could click on the rate this app button and give it a good star rating. It helps allow more people to find it.

  4. Just got your cool app. I can’t get any sound though ?? Any suggestions ? I have confirmed sound is on and have also turned phone off and on again. Thx, JoJob. 🙂

    • HI JoJo can you tell me what brand model of device you are using it on?

      • Just figured it out. Thx. It only makes the noise when transitioning thru the levels. 🙂

        • oh Glad you figured it out because on the Android version we had to switch format of sound files to get it to play on device

  5. This is by far the best app in the app store. I use it all day long whenever I get a chance. Amazing.
    Maybe you could do more abe processes. Placemat process. Pivoting stick. Etc

    • Hey thanks glad you like it. What I was thinking of was a game where you have to break through a wall. You receive questions and have to choose the most in the Vortex thought each time you do you get to shoot at the wall get it wrong and the wall grows a little. The idea being that by playing the game you get in the habit of choosing the most in the vortex thought available to you and are more likely to do it in every day life. What do you think?

      • love the game idea!

      • A vortex game would be great. Just got the spp looking forward to using it

  6. I love this app, use it everyday! Have a couple of things that I think woudl make it better…

    1, make the 4th sound a bit different than the 3 before it so you know you are done without having to count or look up.

    2, make it so it continues to sound and count even if you go to a different app.

    3, I would like to be able to just tap the Congratulations screen to start over.

    I tried to rate the app on I tunes store, but they said I have to own the app to rate it. i do own the app, not sure why they think I don´t! I would have given it 5 stars as I really do love it.

    • Il see what I can do on the next update re those ideas there will be an update this week that should fix the rating thing I just found out that it was linked to the wrong app in the store it was linked to the ipad version so once the update goes through you will be able to rate it thanks for that and your input

  7. Nice app. It would be great to have a continuous option. As I have positive thoughts or imagine what I want, the app is great for helping encourage me to keep going ang going because the chime feels like a progress counter. Makes you want to go for another 17 seconds and then another.

    Perhaps have a slider option you can set for multiples of 68 seconds, so you could meditate on positive thoughts or what you want for 15 mins or even upto an hour or something without having to restart manually ?

    In any case thanks for making this! Very appreciated !

  8. Hi I’ve just downloaded this app on my iPhone and it looks fine but I can’t hear anything. I tried deleting it and downloading again but still nothing plus I presume I’ve just paid twice. Hope you can help me out on this one because it would be nice to use the chime option. Many thanks

    • No you didnt pay twice you can delete and re install as many times as you like you just pay the first time. This has come up before the app only chimes at the end of each 17 second segment when your thought expands and attracts a higher vibration thought. If its not doing that can I ask what version of ios you are using ?

  9. No sound here either. I’m running iOS 6.1 and have tried closing apps as you have suggested.

    • Oops. Never mind. It’s fixed. Granddaughter had turned off my ringer without my realizing it.

  10. wonderful thanks!

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